Organizational Network Analysis

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Step 1: Collaboration Mapping and Analysis

Collaboration Mapping

Based on an online questionnaire send to all targeted employees we collect the data from across the the company and map it in several pre-determined layouts that enable a visual representation of the organization from at least three different perspectives: The Collaboration structure; The High Reliability Network, and the Employee Collaboration Score.

Collaboration Analysis

Facilitates management’s observation of collaboration across the organization with its top performers and bottlenecks, collaboration clusters, influencers and critical bridges. The detailed analysis highlights the vulnerabilities within the network, as well as the strengths in employee collaboration.

Step 2: Smart Collaboration

The program facilitates a thorough understanding of the organization’s activities starting from current work processes. A number of key employees selected after the analysis done in Step 1, will be enrolled in a special program for several days during which they will have to observe the activity associated with other positions in the organization. The program aims at strengthening the bonds between the employees as well as a means for knowledge sharing and critical analysis of the work processes with feedback that translates into improved work processes and better collaboration within especially in cross-functional teams. Depending on the collaboration indicators that results from the For more complicated cases we design tailored coaching sessions and specific trainings.


  • Provides a clear image of the organization to all stakeholders
  • Visualization of groups, key persons and collaboration dysfunctions
  • Comparative analysis of the various business units in the organization
  • Improving functional relationships in the organization and a basis for increasing productivity
  • Identification of people with influence and those with development potential
  • Micro and macro reports
  • Facilitating redesign processes
  • Support in the stages of reorganization of the activity within the departments
  • Decision-making tool and strategy development
  • Argument in due diligence (attracting new investors, merging, absorbing, etc.)

The information obtained is presented in the form of maps in which the links between people are represented in the form of arrows, uni or bi-directional.

We use a range of measurable indicators to help identify the key people inside the network, people working as bridges between sub-groups, people best positioned to influence and transmit information within the network, or even the degree of connectivity on sub-groups, departments or across the network.

This way, you will have the guarantee of concrete results of transforming the collaboration in your organization that will generate sustainable growth and success.

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